Not only a cup of ...

Hello ! 

My reflexion of the day, there are many things, objects that have a meaning, are connected to moments and memories. 

For me, a cup of tea is not only a cup of tea. My mother and I were used to take a cup of tea together, at the end of the day, after our hard day, or during the week-end at the evening, it was always a special moment for us, we speak and relax, nothing exist when we take our cup of tea togather. In the week-end my grand-mother joined us and we start speaking for hours, like gossip women :-) 

Since a couple of year I am living abroad and I really miss those privileged moments. We always take our cup of tea at the end of the day but separatly. Everytime I prepare my cup of tea I remember those moments with my mother and grand-mother, my cup of tea is not only a cup of tea ! 

Moreover, when I come back home, my mum prepare me a huge quantity of teas to bring with me in Barcelona :-) She always try to find new teas, so my cup of tea is always full of love :-) 

My favorite cup (offered by my sweet mum) and my collection of tea
My collection of tea

Another cup has a meaning for me, my cup of coffee :-) Like every Italian I think :-) My cup of coffee means : "don't worry I am here to help you going on with your hard day, wake up wake up " I think to be coffee addict :-) 

Furthermore, me and my boyfriend appreciate a lot sharing coffees togather, here in Barcelona is like a game for us to find the place that does a good coffee :-)

The best coffee made in Naples
The best coffee made in Naples

Are there things, objects that have meanings for you, that are connected to good memories or good moments? 

3 commentaires:

  1. Moi aussi j'adore le rituel du thé en famille, surtout accompagné par mon fabuleux thé à la vanille ;)

  2. Depuis le temps que tu me parles de ton thé à la vanille, et si nous organisions un rituel thé entre copines pour que je le goûte :-)

  3. tu as une belle collection de thé! moi aussi j'adore ca!